Interesting problem with pings.

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone would have any idea what could be causing our mysterious issue. Currently, when players join our server they have extremely high ping (sometimes over 1500). After roughly 5-10 seconds their ping will drop to a normal amount and, remain normal for the entire period they remain connected. There doesn’t seem to be any packet loss at all during this time nor is anyone losing packets period.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be happening? Ideas how to troubleshoot ect? We do run a lot of custom content but nothing that I would “think” could be causing this issue.

We have tried several things like rebooting our servers, tweaking our settings, contacting our service provider and still have not found the issue.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,

Post your addon list.

Do you have Pinion? If you do, then its that because stuff like video ads don’t actually close when you close the MOTD so they continue buffering and playing. Major issue in my house due to our potato-quality bandwidth.