Hello there, I know that this game is in a very early stage and everything is probably a subject to change, but I wanted to ask about the game interface. Right now its, well lets just say, can be better. If you people agree on that, I’ll post my version of the interface and how it should look.

Just post it anyway i want to see

i want to see it too.

I need 5 agrees, so I would have any reason and interest to post it

Just need one more

Post it

Let me finish it, and I’ll do it

You should make it slightly transparent, I love it when UIs dont cludder up the screen. Just a suggestion.

Sorry that I couldn’t finish it , I’m really besy with other stuff, but you get the basic idea. I wanted to keep the main “theme” of the old interface (grey background) and add a facepunch color (red). Ingnore the vintorez icon , It’s just here for an example.

Sorry again for an unfinished product, tons of stuff missing.

Great job on the pic. I would love to see something like this, Not completely looking like your example. But something similiar.
Would be better than having a small cube on the bottom right

I dont like it at all, a interface should be small and simple.

I think that its fine the way it is. Crafting menu can use improvements tho.