Interiour Site must be like the Exteriour Site

When i plan a house, i have everytime some problems with the weak and strong side of walls. I build small houses and there is the problem bigger. When i have 1 lootroom near the other lootroom the enemies can use pickaxes to break in. When you build your house in the night and you made a mistake you cant rotate. You have the weak spot outside so its easy for the enemy.
What does you guys think ??

I think you should build more carefully.

What I don’t understand is how weak/strong side even functions. In real life a stone wall is a stone wall, there is no weak or strong side. Even for a log wall, there is no side that is inherently weaker for some reason. The only time this applies that I can think of would be when wall is made of planks and one side has support beams but then again, you can just put planks on the other side too and it will be symmetrically strong. It’s a really confusing mechanism. And why it applies to doors simply makes no sense.

I’m not against the mechanic, but it doesn’t seem to make any sense and is not very intuitive.

The biggest problem is that a raider can destroy a Ceiling with a pickaxes when he is under the ceiling. Make all sides same strong would solve so many problems. :slight_smile:

i think it’s intended as a system to allow the occupier to demolish walls etc more easily than raiders, without keeping the remove function. personally i think that it makes more sense to have remove for say 60 seconds after placement, by the player who placed it, and then have to destroy the wall the same as any other player. the health should be balanced enough to facilitate this, not weak/strong sides implemented.

I love finding a house where some lazy builder has left a all/door facing the wrong way.

That being said, it i counter intuitive.

The rotate function was removed to prevent people from using stairways as “doors”, correct? Why not just re - implement rotation for every building piece except stairs? I know you can rotate for 60 seconds after placement (or whatever the time is), but it would be nice to be able to rotate parts at will.

RageKwit you’re right about the stairs, but there was another reason, to prevent raiders, who have access to the main tool cupboard, to not be able to turn walls/doors and gain access to weaker side, thus helping them to use tools for raiding.

I see no reason for staying weak/strong spots. Where are the benefits??

Smart placement of walls creates a stronger base. It’s also something to look for while raiding and changes the dynamic. Why is it so hard for you to intelligently place your exterior walls? Because you’ve been trying to do it at night? That’s no excuse.

No i m not an idiot. I talk about the inside placement. You cant make 2 Lootrooms near the other because you can pickaxe from one lootroom to the other.

More carefully= Less lootrooms/house --> bigger house --> much more ressources

Sounds like you need to rethink how you build. Adapt your strategy instead of complaining that your plans don’t work.

I dont need to rethink my strategy. when i plan a big house then its easy to handle the weak/strong thing because the lootrooms are not side by side. But when i build a small house its IMPOSSIBLE to handle it.

Sounds like your strategy’s flawed, then.

Pls use your brain. You cant have 2 lootrooms side by side. There is no special strategy. When the enemy break in 1 lootroom, he can pickaxe in the next lootroom when they are side by side. AND i said i have the problems in very small houses. Houses which are bigger than 2X2 have not the Problem. comprendre???

sigh Why I can’t make a 1x1 that is able to resist as much C4 as a larger base can? It’s the way game mechanics work. By making a smaller base, you are also limiting your own possibility of defending the base.

I guess common sense is limited in here.

OMG god give him brain
I talked about exteriour/interiour. exteriour and interiour need the exact same C4.
First: use brain
Second: write

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Look, that was an example of your stupidity. Of course you can’t make a 1x1 take as much C4 as a 2x2 can. Of course a 3x3 will take more tools to raid than a 2x2. There’s something really flawed in your way of thinking if you want to have a 2x2 that is not raidable by tools. It’s not possible at the moment, and probably won’t be. There’s a reason people build bigger houses than that. I’m not sure how to explain that more clearly.

Smaller base = less rooms = less security.