Intermediate Range Weapon Suggestion

I’ve noticed that there are no sniper rifles or semi-automatic rifles in Rust. I’m well aware that rifles of some sort are coming. This is a suggestion for Marksmen rifles, not sniper rifles. I actually do not think sniper rifles should be in rust, too long range with lots of terrain and space means alot of camping and sniper warfare, something this game wonderfully does not have, nor should it, but i think intermediate range weapons, not infini range sniper rifles, have a place. having an accurate firearm for tagging invading enemies, longer range hunting, or tagging escaping enemies is quite needed. so here goes :

The SKS:

the SKS, with 15 million units produced, is a world favorite semi-automatic rifle, and a favorite among civilians. featuring the powerful 7.62x39mm round, it packs a greater punch than .223 or .556 ammunition. in Rust the weapon serves as a beginner level semi-auto rifle, great for stand off capabillity, hunting, and a close to intermediate combat range. the gun suffers from a clumsy clipper fed magazine (slow reload), a small magazine of only 10 rounds, and terrible hip-fire accuracy. the ammunition is harder to craft than 556

range (ingame): 170 meters
damage: 40%
magazine size: 10 rounds
rate of fire: semi-automatic
accuracy hipfire: very low
accuracy ironsights: very good
accuracy scope: Dead shot, range increase 10% (to a max of 187)
damage falloff: good, outside of range it tickles at 5% damage

The Czech Vz58:

this communist block rifle is unique among the ak style rifles most are familiar with, with only around 920,000 produced. it features the 7.62x39mm round for hard hitting punches. harder to obtain, and harder to craft, this weapon is a direct upgrade from the sks rifle. it features a 30 round magazine, good reload, useable hip-fire accuracy,.

range (ingame): 170 meters
damage: 45%
magazine size: 30 rounds
rate of fire: semi-automatic
accuracy hipfire: fair
accuracy ironsights: very good
accuracy scope: Dead shot, range increase 10% (to a max of 187)
damage falloff: good, outside of range it pinches at 10% damage

The M39 EMR: (best video i can find out of all the battlefield3 spam)

The end all be all of marksmen rifles. featuring a specifically heavier and more powerful 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge, this gun packs an extreme punch. it features a 20 round magazine. this weapon cannot be crafted, and can only be looted from supply drops and heavy rad areas. very good range and very good scope can be mounted on the rifle.

range (ingame): 227.5 meters
damage: 50%
magazine size: 20 rounds
rate of fire: semi-automatic
accuracy hipfire: very good
accuracy ironsights/holographic: very good
accuracy scope: Dead shot, range increase 10% (to a max of 250 meters)
damage falloff: extremely good at most ranges, outside of range it punches for 30% damage

for my ranges I’m going off the wiki and comparing to the m4, if these hit too far (sniper rifle), let me know, i’ll change it up. in reality much of these guns hit out to ranges upto 800 meters, but that’s just ridiculous when half of the rust players are running naked with pistols. and the m4 in reality can hit up to 600 meters, so i nerfed the ranges greatly.

let me know what you think :smiley:

ninja edit: I thought about these stats considering that there will be some sort of bullet physics in game, with a nice large droop at range. as of now these guns should only be added if there’s some bullet physics, that or zero damage at max range and a flat damage fall off to each firearm.

A Marksman Rifle Thread with no Mention of an M1 Garand (Older rifle would make more sense) or an M14… Wow… :eng101:

Thx :smiley:

definitely wanted something outside of the box, something that would make Rust interesting and not a cookie cutter survival game :smiley:

im fairly confident they are trying to get away from modern weapons and the current weapons we have are merely placeholders.

that, actually would make me very, very, happy if most weapons were hacked together mcgeiver guns.

with the millitary supply drops tho, it makes sense that at least some rare modern weapons will exist at some level