In all of my years playing Rust, I have been lucky enough to avoid most of the huge issues that players have been reporting since the days of Legacy. However, since this latest update, something a bit bizarre has been happening. So, the deal is that I joined a server, and after about 30-45 minutes of play, I started getting the standard latency bug where I do not get resources after hitting things. Okay; like usual, I waited a bit first, to see if the issue would fix itself, and then I proceeded to restart my connection to the server. However, unlike other times, I noticed that my Internet connection was down.

Was not able to reconnect to the network. So I close Rust down, and as I am about to restart Steam, too, my connection flares back up. Okay. So I experimented with 4 more runs, and the same thing keeps happening. It is possible that this is just a bad Internet connection from my end, and I will update this thread if that becomes the case. But what it is looking like, at the moment, is that Rust, at random time intervals, will cut off my Internet connection until I close the game down complete.

Has anyone else experienced this? For reference, here are my specs:

CPU - AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor - 4.01 GHz
RAM - 16.0 GB
GPU - GeForce GTX 980

I use a combination of SSD for booting up my computer through, and 3 TB of memory on dual-HDDs for my actual physical memory.

Thanks for reading - for the record, I do not hold this against Rust. If the issue is on the game’s end, I have faith that it will be fixed soon. Plus, I have a ton of Borderlands to catch up on, anyways. :stuck_out_tongue: