internal error: Too many pairs created

internal error: Too many pairs created, new pairs will be ignored. This is perhaps due to an excessive number of objects created at one location.:

Anyway to fix this?

Thats what I’ve been getting too, cant join a srver, really pissing me off.

Same with me, I have also made a thread about not being able to join any games

I get hundreds of these “errors” and I can join any server.

Can or Can’t Clav? I’m getting pissed because none of our threads get answered, just moved to the bottom of the heap, they need a support section of the Forums. I didn’t pay 20 bucks for a pretty logo on my Desktop…

Can join. I don’t think these errors are the root cause of your problem.

That’s interesting, is there anyone I can talk to to help me with my issues?

your mom

Stupid ass.