International Dupes

Ok so I’ve recently made a dupe on the Bigcity Night level and saved it. I’ve then traveled to the Airfield level and tried to spawn it there and had my invention smash into the ground as if gravity there was much greater. Upon returning to the bigcity night level all is well with my invention. I’ve tried adjusting the gravity and the sensitivity of physics on the server to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have formed the conclusion that once leaving the the parent map the hoverballs of said dupe lose their weight values and become infinitely heavy. I’ve found that by slowing the physics time to zero and replacing the hoverballs fixes said issue. This is something that MUST be approached for the next update. I declare this issue temporarily solved. Happy Building

Update: Ok so it turns out it’s not so much the hoverballs becoming infinitely heavy as it is having their positions reset at the end of deletion. There should be an option to reset the hoverballs to a position recorded by the program at the moment of creation better yet this should occur automatically and adjust itself to the coordinates of the level being loaded to promote a smoother gameplay.

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