INTERNATIONAL | ENRUSTED | Start 30.4 | Vanilla | Airdrops 25+ | 50% Durability | Active admins | No grief

SERVER IP: net.connect


We also have it advertised here…

Awesome servers, active admins, there almost there 24/7, there friendly, and they dont disturb the gameplay ! best servah evahh !!!

I like that you enjoy the server :slight_smile: If theres any problems just notify me :D.

Amazing server, All the admins do not play so no abuse and a decent population already (5 - 20 people on most of the time ), Perfect server

Nice lag free server. Admin has been really active and helpful with players problems and answering any questions. players are friendly and have had some fun fights too.

Thanks for the compliments, really makes us work harder for the server :slight_smile:

Just got wiped again because of some problems, Come join and have fun

Awesome server, fair admins, and after 30 min in game i happen to find a the rock rock rock v6.2
so im so staying on this server! {until the end}

Best Rust server NA. Admin is one of the best I have seen in this game.

Great server, admin is helpful and have yet to see a hacker. Come by and have some fun playing rust

Great server! Having a good time on this one!