IP: net.connect

-Brand new server
-Oxide, Groups, Shop, Bounty-plugins
-No lag at all
-Fall damage disabled
-Airdrops enabled at 5 players minimum
-No admin abuse
-Zero tolerance for cheaters

Will do my best to help both old and new players out.

~15 returning players after only one day of uptime, but we’re still looking for more. Join now so you won’t fall behind!

We also have a TS available for anyone on the server.

this is a great server if you are new to the game or are into clan raiding.
easy to start and active and friendly admins.
everyone is on TS which makes a friendly and fun community to play among recommend for new players and experienced players

quality server, great people, great admin.
very easy to pick up for new players and even better if your in a clan looking for a challenge,
highly rated server 10/10

Great server…

Known jizz for like 9 million years, totally chill tranny. Best server host EVAR.

Great server. I bought the game today and got sick of being killed over and over without any chance of learning how to play.
As I connected to this one, I got starter kit + some stuff from admin.
And yeah, I’m still alive :slight_smile: So, server is quite friendly :slight_smile: