Internet connection manipulations

Internet connection manipulations

i have no idea what you are trying to report…

all i see is a bit of lag/desync that meant blocks placed by another took time to show up on your side.

This video shows what player with NO AUTHORIZATION can BUILD in “Blocked” zone.

there is no sound, no explanation, i never saw a ghost of the building part, your building plan isn’t highlighted, and it just looks like lag to me. maybe write what the problem is instead of posting vague videos and being rude when people tell you it’s not clear.

My Videos ignored for 2 days and do not take seriously this bug

no problem, i’ve noted you changed it so it says the problem instead, thanks:)

I threw you a link to the video, you got it?

much more informative, would suggest posting that one (#3)

place here? Then everyone will use this bug :frowning:

yeah, i’d still post here. other option is (since knubbe doesn’t have pms enabled) or pm garry, but i’d expect he has to ignore most pms, so it might take a while that route. either way, probably worth giving them a step by step instruction on how to do it, as they probably can’t read your menus (like me) :wink:

to some degree, the more people know how to do it, the quicker it will get debugged thanks to the analytics they kindly provide.

netsh.exe advfirewall firewall add rule name=RUST_BUG dir=out interface=any action=block remoteip=

*IP Server123.123.123.123 *

netsh.exe advfirewall firewall delete rule name=RUST_BUG

so its basically a bat file that adds the server to the firewalls block list and another bat that removes it? So you can use it to lagswitch and build anywhere?


This is the exact same way a lag switch acts. You cut the games connection via windows firewall. It then glitches out and lets you build anywhere (while technically “lagging out”), then if you resume the connection fast enough, it lets the client update the server still (think of the whatever he builds is in a queue, and that queue gets applied when the connection is resume).

This has been and ongoing issue since i started playing this game. Too much stuff client-side still.

i’d suggest you delete the post altogether and report this via mail

im not sure has it been fixed or not but i tried to repeat this and its look like it works but each time i step in building block zone and try to place a block i get kicked from the server with error “connection time out”

in short: u have about 10 seconds after u enable the rule in windows firewall, then ull be kicked

Interesting… thought this was detected server side now. We don’t need another Reign of Kings debacle…

I see. Well that explains how I had people build right next to my house to raid last wipe on the server I play on. I’d reported this before to the server admin, but was told there was no such thing…