Internet Connection @ Rust

I’ve been playing for a week now, I think.
I’ve never seen any problems from MY side. Every connection problem I had came from the attack or from regular server lags.

Now, today I wanted to play again - after the last update. I think there is something changed that really doesn’t like my connection.

Let’s say it like this:

My connection is fine. I don’t receive lags, I’m not disconnecting or anything else - IF I’m NOT playing Rust.
But as soon as I try to start it, my connection really gets messed up. It doesn’t even have a regular period of time beweteen every disconnect. Sometimes I can play for 10 seconds. Sometimes I can play for 5 minutes. The problem is that i can’t calculate when i will receive a disconnect. If it would be every 2 minutes and I know that, I could just go out and loot stuff and come back in my house before i disconnect again. At least it would be SOMETHING. But really, sometimes I’m just able to play 1-10 seconds and my connection crashes again.
Same thing with the time of the disconnect. It could be crashed for 10 seconds, it could be crashed for 5 minutes.

As soon as I close Rust, it works perfectly. It’s ridiculous. I don’t even know if it’s the fault of my connection or if they updated something that messes my connection up.