Internet drops out when playing rust

Every time i log onto a server my internet will drop out and kick me from the server, as soon as I’m kicked my internet connects back.
It happens as soon as i log on and it want let me press buttons to wake myself up, I’ve tried many different servers from modded to community and even the official, same problem each time.
The error messages i receive are Disconnected: unresponsive and Disconnected: timed out
I’ve tried other games but i don’t get this problem, please help.

Try this: Open Rust and open the server list, and then just go do something else for 10 minutes. Then, without leaving the server list and going back to the main menu, join a server.

The server browser is still somewhat a WIP–it’s currently capped at displaying 200 servers out of a couple thousand, and just sending the status updates for all 200 visible servers can sometimes temporarily overwhelm home Internet connections.

You may also want to factory reset your router if it’s been more than 9 months since it was last reset. They get senile and ornery over time and can cause connection problems that only happen in specific circumstances.

Tried it and it worked and got me past the sleep screen before disconnecting about one minute after, i got the Disconnected: Timed Out error and skype dropped in the background

Are you on a wired or wireless connection? And are you connecting to Australian servers or international ones? (Ping would probably have you seeing Aussie servers first.)

Also, who’s your ISP?

Im on a wireless connection using a netgear wnda3100v2 n600 which is a usb that plugs in to your computer. I am connecting to Australian servers because they have long ping and those are the ones my friends are playing on and my service provider is optus