Internet is fine, but can't connect to a server?

Every server I try to join, it says Failed To Connect (Connectionfailed). I checked my internet, obviously it’s fine if I can access the forums.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Same is happening to me right now. I noticed a huge spike while walking in game…then I got to where my house should be and there was nothing. I disconnect and try to get in the server and I can’t.


servers are gone mad

yes my server is down! failed to connect…
I try restart but not working…

I was also playing, (entering manually) is disconnected, and says connect failure.

Steam auth failure probably… same problem here. Thankfully I was inside my house.

hiho, same here. we were disconnected from our server and now i can’t connect any server.

Yup Yup same shit

Yep same here, But it says there are people in the servers… hmm

Steam auth. server down…

Same to my customers, getting every minute complaints about lagging servers, or unable to connect, the time before all was fine, see now bandwith limitation or high cpu / ram.

Steamproblems again ?

Same here, server is US Central 2 (No PVP) message reads “Failed To Connect (ConnectionFailed)”

just connected u can try naw

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but its lagging like crazzy ow well

Forum rules are strict and apparently there is no place to post about the official servers, just the sub forum “Rust servers”. All official servers are unable to be connected to.

I made a thread there, since this one will likely be closed.

I was on about 1000 hunger, just hoping I’m not dead once I get back in.

same, cant connect to a community server, wut

Prety sure u dont lose food when ofline

Same Problem on my Server heavy lagg then dc restart serveral Time not working.

When you’re offline, you stand for around… 30 seconds? a minute maybe, then you collapse, same as when you log out.