Internet/Lan issues (GMOD 9.0.4)

Need help when i try to make a lan sever just crashes and it also says it cannot connect to online severs due to the need for an update.

Did you actualy buy the game?

No, I downloaded 9.0.4 from

I would rather not pay for GM 10 when I can get 9 for free.

9 isn’t supported anymore, just buy 10.

I have read this before, yet I can still see online games where the server is running 9.0.4

Is there any way to play LAN @ all?

Yes. By buying GMod 10. It’s only £5 and is alot better.

You dont buy gmod 9.0.4,its free.

He didn’t know that.:downs:

Anyways, the answer is get gmod 10.