Internet slow when playing Rust

I’ve tried Googling around for an answer, but I’m not having much luck on this unfortunately. I was hoping someone here might be able to help.

I’ve noticed that my internet slows to a crawl whenever I’m connected to a Rust server. My searching has turned up lots of folks saying that the Steam server browser causes this, but after adjusting the pings per second setting in Steam to as low as it goes I’m still having the same problem. My internet goes from the usual 50-60mbps to 3-5mbps. This doesn’t happen when I’m in the Rust main menu, or the server browser. Only when I’m online and connected to a server. I can fire up, start the test, see it at 3-5mbps, alt+f4 Rust and it immediately goes back up to the correct speed. NetBalancer shows me that nothing else is eating up the bandwidth, and Rust isn’t even using much.

Soooo, any idea what’s going on here? It’s really annoying! I like to browse the web and watch YouTube and such on my second monitor when I’m waiting for ore to smelt or whatever, but now everything I’m trying to do just lags over there.

PC specs:

i5 4670 3.4ghz
EVGA Geforce 970
Samsung EVO SSD

I’ve got a decent system so I don’t think this is an issue with my hardware. Not sure what else to try. Please help! :slight_smile:

Lets talk about your connection…
Router?Hard or wireless?

I have a Cisco DPC3825 cable modem that I’m hard wired into. 50mbps down / 10mbps up.

Have you done any speed tests recently? This sounds like something with your provider

Like I said, my internet works perfectly fine EXCEPT when I’m in Rust and connected to a server. Did you read my post? I have been doing regular speed tests. Starting the test while in Rust and then alt+f4ing out of Rust during the test proves this point. As soon as I exit Rust the speed in the test goes from 3-5mbps to 50-60mbps where it should be.

This is not an ISP problem.

I think the only thing people are gonna tell you is try uninstalling and reinstalling Rust/Steam

Sometimes miracles happen

Not this time, been happing to me for 2 months now.

No fixes from anyone, Here, Reddit. Google, couldn’t find anything.

What are the odds that you and OP have same mobo?

Upon further investigation it appears this is happening in Ark as well. Now I’m starting to think it’s my router, not Rust. Sorry!

Mannix, what router do you have? Try running a speed test while connected in another game and see if you have the same issue.

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Ok so just in case anyone was curious…

Eventually figured out this was even happening in single player games. This led me to suspect some sort of electrical issue. Put the router on a different outlet, no luck. Ran Prime95 to max my CPU, bandwidth was fine. Ran a 3d benchmark to max my GPU, bandwidth would go down the toilet. Found that the coax going from the cable modem to the wall ran partially along side the video cable for my monitor. Separated them and the issue has gone away. Really obscure and weird! D: But yeah, somehow the video signal / cable signal were interfering and causing the issue.

Sorry Garry! :smiley: