Interroagation complex

A map loosely inspired by COD: Black Ops.

I Can See you`ve put a lot of time and thought into this map. This is epic! GREAT JOB!!!

Thanks, I’ve been adding small portions for like 3 months.

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And I still somehow managed to misspell the thread title…

I honestly thought this was a blocky and full-bright map. I was obviously wrong. Great looking map.

I probably wont use this map, but nevertheless it looks very good.

it does looks good, but keeps crashing my Gmod everytime i run it.

You need CSS

i have Css. mounted and all :V

Running in less than DX9 mode ?

nope, running on DX10.

Just played it, it’s freaking awesome, good job!

People, Dis me all you like, this map may become better than Gm_Atomic…

I’ve been having the same crash problem as Kolipoki. The map loads fine until the very end. You can hear the sound of the blowing wind and immediate crash-to-desktop. I have CSS, and made sure no addons were conflicting with the map. Any help with this problem will be greatly appreciated.

Same here, please fix

Okay, try this


Yeah, but still…
The numbers, Mason, what do they mean?

The website you linked to is an empty ‘GoDaddy’ domain.

ok let’s see how long this one will work :

snip obsolete

The link works great! The fix, however, does not. The same problem still persists.

Edit: Is there something I can do to see what causes the crash? Some sort of debug mode command?

Are there any crash logs in your garrysmod folder? They might have some information about what’s causing it.