“I don’t think the human race will survive the next thousand years, unless we spread into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet. But I’m an optimist. We will reach out to the stars.”
-Stephen Hawking

Way too dark and all you did (in my perspective) was put two sphere props inside of a Spacebuild map then replace their material.

My feedback… it’s okay.

It’s actually exploiting a skybox, and the ship was built from props. I’ll edit it a bit to make it lighter though.

i like the idea, but it feels quite flaccid and unexciting. there’s very little actually happening for a crazy cosmic event

The objects in the scene are very interesting, but the composition and lighting are completely uninspired. If you take a look at basically any 3d or 2d art of something in space, you’ll notice lighting the main ship/satellite/object in a cool way is key to creating a piece that’s pleasing to look at, even if it might not be entirely realistic.

Alright, what would you suggest? Brighter blue light?

Well, nice improvement in the lighting. :wink:

Updated; the lighting looks a lot better, the ship’s a bit more detailed, and I’ve done some post-processing to make it more visually interesting.

Russ, remove the S in https.

Ah, the video work now. Thanks!

It looks brilliant, good job! :wink:

…did your YouTube account seriously get terminated for using Interstellar music?

On topic though, nice job.

It wasn’t my YouTube account, but I guess someone’s did. :confused: