First-time swep

I did this mainly as a test to see how well it would work out. I compiled a few sounds together so that the bolt sounds were audible and the reload sounds were that of the actual intervention and not that of those crappy CSS sounds.

-Zeej for the awesomeness animations
-Yves for making the red tiger camo
-Me for coding and compiling the sounds
-Worshipper for Mad Cows base
-Irkalla for reminding me about shit and fixing bugs!

There is a link on the bottom of your download page, here:


Just paste this into your post.

thanks alots.

[lua]SWEP.ReloadSound = “weapons/weapon_intervention/mw2_intervention_reload.wav”[/lua]

lol thanks

W00t no one is flamin’ me!


Just Kidding!
But, whenever I Install this, I Get 1000 Lua Errors :L

Nice, I’ll be sure to download this.

Doesn’t work, only lua error spam of this:

SWEP (weapon_mad_base_sniper) is derived from non existant SWEP (weapon_mad_base) - Expect errors!

weapons\weapon_mad_base_sniper\shared.lua:39: attempt to call method 'SetWeaponHoldType' (a nil value)

weapons\weapon_mad_base_sniper\shared.lua:306: attempt to call method 'SecondThink' (a nil value)

I think you need Mad cows for this to work.

You need Mad Cows weapon base.

hmmm… i included the mad cows base

shieet i forgot the _base! I only included the _sniper_base.
stupidness on my part.

This is how the SWEP looks like to me:

just tested and it didn’t change the holdin “r” glitch

wtf do you guys have red tiger camo?


im gonna upload a new version with all the bases included, but only once I find out how to fix the reloading

in the meantime, just download mad cows base by worshipper.


quick fix uploaded


Once I fix the bugs on this, I’m going to begin coding an OVER 9000! thing.

Why am i not in Credits >=o

Why should you be?

[lua] function SWEP:Reload()
self.Weapon:DefaultReload( ACT_VM_RELOAD );
self:SetIronsights( false )
end [/lua]

That Should stop the reload stop the reload sound going on.

Havnt tested, but if it doesnt work, ill think if something.

Just tested that with the emit:sound with it. Didn’t work. Thanks though.

Works perfect for me save it the reload sounds when I hold down R. But thats why I dont hold down r.

[lua] Unbind r [/lua]


Lol, where do i put it?