Interviews of Skyrim

I had this random thought. What if the game Skyrim was just a movie, which was filmed/documented by normal people, except the world of Skyrim and/or Tamriel really existed? Where the events actually happened, but were just caught on film. Meaning the characters and stuff are real and not actors. e.g. random camera crew documents Dovahkiin on his/her adventures.

This most likely makes zero sense. It’s basically just random thoughts put together with no meaning whatsoever. Don’t expect a story from this.

So imagine a camera crew of two (out of the other film crew members in Skyrim) are trying to interview random characters of Skyrim.

Quick, threaten his girlfriend

I love it. Great job oogaboogaman.

Aw, poor Vyolohk.

Oh please, for the love of anything that is sacred to you! Make more of these! This has waaay much potential to go to waste!

I like this, it’s a cool idea.

Will you be porting Orcs, too?

This comic has used largest colleaction of my maps ever :v:
(You should have used Tunturi too)

I like it!

AH so it seems we have a durpgen and i like this comic its got some funny parts here and there. good to see a khajiit in some skyrim thing dont see him used as much if any of the other race’s.

Even though I played Skyrim for a maximum of 5 minutes, I found this pretty funny.

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You make beautiful maps.

Thanks for the comments. I was thinking of maybe doing the real characters some time later in terms of argonian or khajiit, or dragon (maybe Parthy or Brodahviing or something)

You do make pretty maps. I can’t see how I missed Tunturi. It’s very nice too!

Like I said before… Great job!

Great idea, I really support this series! if there’s more…

A good idea! And well executed as well!

The last expression is priceless.

This is great. I reeaaally wish it could be a video, would be hilarious.

I do too, but I can’t animate or voice. :v:

Thanks for comments!


I like it. Good faceposing all throughout. Assuming the fading white is the camera shifting scenes, yes? Took me a bit to figure that out, but aside from that, great work!

I loving these! they’re sooo funny

You’re so creative!

Can I have your autograph??