Intrepid Class Starship (Voyager)

I’ve almost finished porting my second starship, Voyager, to go along with my Galaxy Class Enterprise-D port which can be viewed here.

It will be alot higher quality & will have more features than Enterprise-D. (Nacelles will be able to hinge up and down, Transparent screen for viewport for RT toggle, better corridors to shuttlebay) The bridge model comes from Elite Force 1 & the exterior comes from Star Trek Legacy.

My main holdup is combining 100+ textures into 32 textures, which is the max that source will allow. As soon as I finish I will start on Sovereign Class Enterprise-E from Elite Force 2/Legacy which will have even more models & take even longer =(

Anyways here are pics. Finished product will look exactly like this.


Keep up the good work. I’m impressed, and I’m looking forward to less textures, so I might have a chance to improve them.

wow. cant wait for this. it’s gonna be amazing

wow…just wow well done mate

Will this come with lightmaps? The Enterprise you released was decent, but it would have been much better if the windows, nacelles, and deflector were luminescent.

That ship was terrible. This one has bumpmaps, translucent glass, glowing screens/nacelles.
In short, that was a learning experience and I was largely ignorant of just about everything. I just wanted to make a ship. This ship however is likely going to surpass your expectations.

When you say deflector, what do you mean?

Turn the ship around so you can see the front. Under the saucer (I think? Can’t remember Intrepid design perfectly) is a large sort-of-circular shape. That is the deflector dish. On the Galaxy-class, it’s the big blue and gold circle at the front of the engineering section.

For reference, it’s right smack dab in the front of the NX-01’s saucer section.

Ah, I see. I always assumed that thing to be some sort of intake, or photon cannon or something.

That large oval shape would be the Intrepid’s primary deflector array. (the secondary array is mounted near the front of the saucer assembly)

While there are 2 photon/quantum torpedo launchers mounted directly above the primary deflector, I’m not sure if I remember Voyager using the deflector array as any kind of weapon, though the Enterprise-D did use it in such a manner on a number of occasions.

By the way, if you wanted to add details and/or fix inaccuracies in the Legacy model (I’ve never really seen it), Ex Astris Scientia has a pretty extensive gallery including detail shots of Voyager’s studio model, as well as registry information for the U.S.S. Bellerophon and U.S.S. Intrepid (if you wanted to add secondary or alternate textures).

Great work on porting Elite Force’s bridge, by the way. Recognized it almost immediately. Any plans for engineering?

Currently the full length of the fuselage is designated as the shuttlebay. Unless I walled half of it off, I wouldnt have any room for engineering. I’ll probably pass on it because it would delay the release considerably and I dont think it would see much use in garrys mod scenarios. Perhaps a central location for all wire mod objects XD?

The ships nacelles however have a hatch with a small interior that players can enter so as to allow Forcers & Thrusters to be placed in them. There is one LCARS screen from engineering decorating the inside of it. Thats the closest thing to engineering this ship will have. =/


EDIT: It will have a conferrence room behind the bridge, occupying the left rear of the saucer. Its position to the bridge is not accurate but its close enough without having to reshape the saucer or increase the overall ship size considerably.

Well, considering how big the thing is relative to humans in the actual series, I don’t think the re-sizing would be too much, but you’ve obviously come too far to worry about re-shaping the saucer. We’ll live with it.

UPDATE: USS Voyager - I decided that a transporter room should occupy the rear right section of the saucer. It seems like it will have the most potential with garrys mods endless addons.

The conference room across the way has large windows and a few pictures on the wall so far. (the white on the federation logo will be transparent in game)

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Update: In game photo

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Looks real nice in game, good job

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! Well done, Apwn! :siren:

XD, ty.

Its basically done. I just need to make glow, transparency, & reflection masks for the textures.

If anyone knows how the Quake 3 engine processes transparency, I can whip up some animated textures before release. (basically its a bunch of jpgs that render black where clear should be, but I dont see an alpha channel in photoshop)

Should update the galaxy class ship to look this nice aswell.

pretty standard thing to recieve :wink: