Intrepid Scout fighting a Heavy


Long time without posting!
This time I tried with Team Fortress… I hope you enjoy it!
Feel free to edit the picture! I haven’t got photoshop by now… so I could not do it.

Please leave comments! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit: Image changed, thx for posting!

Shells are being ejected but no muzzleflash?


Also, you lack AA. Enable that next time.

Wow it looks good. Scout could use some motion blur and the shadows need to be leveled with each other.

Yeah, I know, but I do not have got photoshop by now. Thanks for commenting! :smiley:

Now it’s good. Glad to have you here. :buddy:

i’d be kinda worried if a weapon’s bolt was cycling while there was still a lot of shit flying out of the barrel, duder. miniguns work differently, but shit, they’re probably still capable of an oob explosion.


i’m not smart at gatling guns