Intrepidus, an interactive comic

You wake up in a quiet pink hallway in a puddle of your own blood. You have no idea where you are, who you are, or how you got there.

Looking down the hallway, you see two doors on your right, and a third open door in front of you at the end of the hallway. Behind the open door at the end of the hallway, there is a black object on the floor that looks like a gun. Inside of the open doorway, you see a living room and a small grouping of chairs and a table. A man is sitting in one of the chairs staring at you and not moving.

What do you do next?


feel hungry
eat own shoes

Sit in the chair behind you and watch back

You ponder the pros and cons of consuming your own shoes… until you recall the last time you attempted that delicious act.

“I’ll eat my own shoes,better go outside and get hit by a truck.”

what map is that and model?

Barney V2

Millitary models pack (it’s there. I downloaded it today, didn’t bother looking for it)

The semi map is outside of the apartments in Hl2, not gonna say where the other one is

fucking amnesia in every single fucking comic

What the heck is going on with those doors?

You get to your feet, and pull yourself together.

You begin to feel rather annoyed with the silent mans lack of social etiquette.

You decide to sit in the chair behind you, and silently and stare back at the man in an attempt to make him feel uncomfortable.

While sitting, you feel an object wedged inside of the chair

You pull out the object and discover it’s some sort of a scope.

You look through the scope at the man to look like more of a dick.

While looking through the scope, you see the man looks quite dazed. There’s a large amount of dried blood on the side of his head. You don’t see a rise and fall in the chest from respiration. It becomes apparent that he’s has been dead for quite some time from a gunshot to the side to the head.

What do you do next?

He’s floating, he’s obviously Alive.

>Go into settings, turn anti-aliasing on then continue doing something stupid.