intricate uav request

so i really want a controllable pred uav like this: ( the one in the link DOES NOT WORK!) what’d be cool is if you found out a way to launch pred missiles from it. just a suggestion. please make it idiot proof, as i’m really new to this. if you can’t that’s totally fine just gimme the download links for things i need to spawn the vehicle properly. thanks for looking.

Many of us, at least those aviation inclined like myself, have already built things like this. However, it is generally unwise to release contraptions, especially ones so easily made minge tools. You will probably not find anyone willing to release. If you’re after an entity as opposed to a contraption, then I can pretty much guarentee it won’t happen. I don’t mean to sound cold in this, it’s just the truth of the situation. What I reccomend doing is looking up fin, wire, and percision alignment tutorials. It looks very complex initially, but you’re overthinking it. Really the undertaking isn’t that tremendous, and it’s far more rewarding to do the work yourself. If you’d like, I’d be happy to link you to the main tutorials I learned from.

Watch all the videos in this tutorial series. I watched them years and years ago, and since, I’ve produced some of the most successful fin aircraft around. These videos are incredibly helpful and more or less give you rules to live by in building aircraft. I’ve only transcended them a few times, and those times involved abstract wing designs like the Lockheed Martin’s box wing

cool good to know the truth. i’ll watch em later but not now, i just spent an hour drawing this: my hands hurt and i may want to redraw it. so i’ll watch tomorrow. it’s a lot bigger than the image in the link. covers a whole piece of notepaper,

The one in the link does work. I’ve used it before myself and I even know the guy who made it.

REALLY!? what do i need to run it? i heard from the comments it didn’t work! gimme some links!

hey what file do you put the uav in the link in? add-ons doesn’t work.

Its a duplicator file. So it goes in garrysmod/data/Adv Dupe.

Rule of thumb. Under 1mb most likely a dupe. Especially if it has .txt files in it. These go in the data/adv dupe folder…

Over 1mb and has an info.txt it goes in the addons folder.

Over 1mb with no info.txt… you can either put it in its individual folders in garrysmod/garrysmod or add your own info.txt

ok so i got it working but i’m missing a whole bunch of physics props. what physics might those be? they’re all phys errors so that’s all i need. the controller is fine, spawned but props are missing. what phys pack do i need.

oh great you know nothing about gmod

dude i got the damn game two weeks ago. gimme a fricken break.

That’s the problem. read up before you come in here and try to do things you don’t know how to do. 2 weeks is not a long time, so I can bet that you you haven’t gone out of your way to learn anything on your own.

i have, i found out creating vehicles, maps and other effects. i also found out how to install add-ons myself. now look i don’t want to fight. that’s the last thing i need on my mind. i’m a noob whatever, now just sit down with a snack or something and play yourselves some garry’s mod. ok? no fight. cool? think i’m a noob? sure that’s ok. whatever you guys want to think. we all just want to have some fun w/ garry’s mod. now, please no more insults. please? i’ll figure this out myself. situation defused?

HA I MADE IT WORK!!! WHAT OF IT!? now to make it drivable instead of directly flying into the sky.

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thanks bro now that i’ve gotten the one in the link to work i’m gonna use the tutorials to make it flyable!