Intro Needed For YouTube Video

Hello facepunch.

I need someone to make me an intro video that I can put in the beginning of all of my videos. (Similar to what FPSrussia does.)
However, I would like to have it made with Garry’s Mod.
The group’s name is TeamInfiniti, and that should be in the video.

If anyone would do this they would recieve full credit, and a percentage of money, should the video earn any from YouTube’s moneytization program.
Thanks a ton,


monetization only gets you a few cents.

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and intros are stupid that’s another reason to click through the progress bar

Umm…probably wrong section, but you are new so doesn’t matter.
If you are making gmod movies, I suppose I could make you a gmod intro for you today-nothing else to do except cook a plum cake :3

just a tip
video intros reduce professional-ness rather than adding to it

i could make one, add me