Introdimensional Gates.

Intro-dimensional Gates. (I have no idea what Intro-dimensional means so DON’T ASK WHY I USED IT WRONG…) All I would like is this portal thing, where you go in it and it executes the cvar command “connect [insert server ip here]” and then it says LOADING and spawns you at the other server? Possible? I think not… Well is it? If so :dance:

It’s possible, but since you made a stupid request name nobody with the patience or skill to do it is going to read it.

I can’t do the entity myself, but next time you make a request, make it very clear in the title what you want. “Entity that moves players from server to server”

Thanks for that. But the thing is, I don’t really want the Gmod Loading screen coming up. But it’s fine if it does.

Well it has to load the server…

An INTERDIMENSIONAL gate connecting to another server?
Not sure if its possible…

It is, It’s just not easy. Plus, Both servers would have to be connected with Lua Socket or some SQL.

It’s easy, it’s possible and no-one can be assed to do it, actually.

I’ll summarise what needs to be done:
Make an entity or whatever,

add this to a client think:
if LocalPlayer():GetPos():Distance(self.Entity:GetPos()) > DISTANCE then

Replace DISTANCE and IP (also needs port) and you’re basically done.

I’m really sleepy right now, so if you spot anything wrong inform me.