Introduce abily to craft a (very expensive) megaspeaker to be obnoxiously loud for 200m's

How about the idea to be able to craft a megaspeaker that needs to be attached to a pole structure, (something like this )

which once built on top of your base or tower you can broadcast whatever you want to say obnoxiously that anyone within a 200 meter radius will hear. The speaker should be really expensive or else everyone will just build one…the equivalent in value to making six c4 in rust legacy?

If you had the ability to craft one would you bother? Broadcasting from one would be asking for trouble, but would be kinda fun too.

I imagine kids yelling : I fu** your mama , peniss etc.

I’d love to have that option,but ye.

Boats/rafts first please.

fucking dumb

It’s a pretty bad idea to be honest. As soon as you implement a feature like that you’re going to receive a huge influx of mic spammers. You could always fix it by adding in a mute button but then that kinda defeats the purpose of the item in the first place.

trolling right?

This is a great idea, the game is about player freedom and if you have a problem with the 12ie yelling nigger into the megaphone then go destroy his base with everyone else on the server who hates it.

I think that a horn or vuvuzela would be preferable.

This has actually already been discussed during vanilla. It was rejected

I couldn’t possibly see this being exploited or incredibly annoying at all… nope no way.