Introduce Anvils for advanced melee weapon crafting

Too add to the realism when crafting things like swords I think we must have an anvil present to do so, maybe even have the player kneel down and whack metal on the anvil into shape.

Would be cool in my opinion however i think other Players would think its too hard too craft anything. Melee weapons already aren’t the most effective wat of attacking. I think they should first finish pulling it all in one line and then start thinking about debalancing it again… Great idea however. I like it

Thank you kindly, and yeah it’s just some shit for further down the line I guess.

This done in the game Out of Reach(just released two months ago) it works pretty well and i like it, so yeah i’d love to see it in game, i think we should be able to do forge Welding technique to make High Quality metal gun barrels and blades or as its known, Damascus metal.

Well, true Damascus no longer exists, the “Damascus Technique” that you hear about today is nothing more than an aesthetic touch via layering/pattern welding of more than 1 type of steel (like layering 1085 and L6 together, for example). Forge welding sounds like a cool idea though, the most well known example was folding the steel back into itself, which was pretty much how the Japanese smiths forged their blades including the famous katanas. To offer an alternative, maybe you could find a flux of some kind in rad towns, like an old box of borax powder, or you could search for it in the wild in a resource node.

True, and don’t forget the Infamous Ulfberht Norse Sword, i consider its creation and the sword itself superior to Japanese Katanas which themselves were never one piece but a variety of different strength pieces(the inner metal was weaker than the outer blade layer).
But yes finding borax etc would an ideal addition for the metal strength progression.

more mindless chores at the base… please just stop

Meh, I believe swords created in certain regions worked for that particular purpose of where it was made (A Norseman viking would never meet a samurai on the battlefield) . The katanas had a soft core to create flexibility within the blade, in a similar way to how I forge my own knives in my workshop, I quench the edge of the blade for retention and strength while leaving a soft spine for durability. With the only major metal resource in Japan being iron sand, this worked well for them considering the low quality and quantity of resources, and partly the reason why they are famous in metal-working history. But maybe ingame you could have a choice to decide which method you could go by in creating your weapon? That would give the blade unique stats, such as more/less damage vs low/high durability.