Introducing myself!

My name is Fabio, and iam a Youtuber , im partner of Youtube and RPM, i work for Youtube since 2011 , and im very bad at draw things , so im here for make a suggestion , i knew about the game , from a Streammer on Twitch, so i have some subs ( like 3000 peoples) who loves this kind of game , and im very interested to publish this game , for make he more popular ,
if you ( DEVs and Moderators) give me one chance and give me a Beta Key , i can help you guys with the publish of the game .

Thanks a lot , and good lucky with your new GAME!!

Bye bye

My channel:
From: Brazil
Languages that i speak: Portuguese and English ( not too much) xD
Totaly Views: 665.124 views

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This isn’t worth a damn, won’t get you any closer either.

short about 97 thousand subscribers

better luck next time!

No offence, but your english is far from good