Introducing Runway - an 8+ hour campaign for HLA by the Eagle One Dev Team


My name is Sami “ChimonaHehe” Alayoubi and I am the Founder / Lead Level designer of the Eagle One Development Team.

We are a group composed of over 30+ developers that span across mapping, coding, audio composition, etc. that is currently creating an 8+ hour campaign on the source 2 engine for HLA.

We are using this as an opportunity to study the engine inside and out. We have picked it apart as much as possible, even working with some of the Valve developers to achieve our goal of preparing to transition everyone to s&box as soon as it is available.

Our goal is provide the community with the best experience possible, and shortly after the release of our campaign we will be assembling a multitude of tutorials that explore every nook and cranny of what the engine has to offer (from model doc, to particle creation, hammer, audio tools, etc). We will be releasing our custom used asset creations, including the recreated combine AI that will allow all users to use the animgraph and their own custom models in source 2. We are huge believers of spreading knowledge to the community and that everyone benefits from the success of the this dissemination.

We plan to release the demo of our campaign, titled RUNWAY: Chapter 1 - Complex on the week of 4/25

Here are some screenshots of our work.

Chapter 1 - Complex

Chapter 2 - Tram

Chapter 3 - Prison

Chapter 4 - Jungle

Chapter 5 - Waterfall

Chapter 6 - Sam Site

Chapter 7 - Airfield

Everything in this campaign will be taking advantage of as many custom mechanics as possible. We have rebuilt the AI model and constructed over 8 new enemy variants, including metro cops, jetpack combine soldiers, medics, etc. A fully customized original soundtrack built from 3 composers and integrated by our source 2 audio specialist takes full advantage of what steam 3d audio has to offer. This includes full utilization of opsoundvars that are customized to each environment

We have an extremely active discord that is growing to be a source 2 hub for information. With an active VC, we are constantly share screening our work as we build out and encourage anyone who wants to join and learn about the engine to do so. We are transparent in the entire process using source 2 since we believe that this will allow anyone who joins to not only passively learn, but also actively participate!

We are fully committed to transitioning to S&box as our synergy and production as a team will provide a framework for everyone to benefit from.

Our discord link is:

Hope to see you around!

  • Sami “ChimonaHehe” Alayoubi
    Eagle One Dev Team

Best project that has happened to the community so far!




hey that’s me!

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hello moist fellow (safered) i am a katt i wish best of days

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I gonna try get back into hammer again i really do hope i can keep passion burning! But man look at the things we do!

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Nicely written Chimona! YES! That is us and we love to share our work and compassion for source 2. We are also already in deciding what to do for s&box, which is most likely is going to be another hour long campain. More info soon :shushing_face:


These guys are great! I was having an issue with lighting in Hammer yesterday so they invited me to their Discord to screen share and walk through the problem. They were incredibly friendly, and I learned a lot. Also, their work looks amazing!


Literally hogging all the talent but that’s okay because you guys are super helpful and unbelievably nice.


I can’t wait to see what this looks like when it’s finally released!


I couldn’t even describe the huge amount of work you had to do. :clap:


The work you’ve done so far from the screenshots showcased looks incredible. This must of taken ages, great work. Can’t wait for the release. :cowboy_hat_face:


This is some really crazy stuff, good job everyone :clap:


Ah yes, the masters of Source 2! Welcome to these forums and good luck with making the map(s)!


Why hello there


Thanks man!


Thanks dude!

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hello kind sir :slight_smile:

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Bridge For Runway-Jungle.

Showing the village in the background created piece by piece of wood and metal. Its small detail that we appreciate


that mocap image is so fucking goofy