Introduction, Small Mapping, and free assets!

Hey! I’ve been following the S&box community for quite some time but never felt my stuff was quite at the level where it was worth posting, or where creating a thread would be worth it but I want to share some of my work, just some snippets of maps, and would like to gauge interest in asset packs and custom models in general.

Alongside this, I would also be happy to hear about any community projects people are working on that need extra help, finding a project and team to work with would really renew my motivation, and I genuinely love helping and having a creative outlet.

– Most recent WIPs: –

Generic RP / Gas Station + Gas Assets (Click)

Here is a small gas station still a WIP from a small collection of buildings I have been working on with hopes they would be useful to other projects, or for my own maps.

This building in particular was mostly a chance for me to better understand custom model assets, their creation, 3D modelling as a whole, UVs, texturing, and lighting in S2. I just tossed some extremely old WIPs in the background. Building has a main store area, side garage, and an outside access bathroom to give it that sketchy gas station vibe, and hopefully to offer more RP opportunities.

Here is a closeup of the Gas Nozzle asset I made for it to go along with the main pump body. Figured out tint masks, and got the nozzle tintable! :slight_smile:

Working on some custom interior assets, the usual gas station stuff! Fridges, etc. assets in progress still!

Please let me know what you guys think! I’d appreciate suggestions and criticism! I am also hoping to eventually publish this for other’s use, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet. Shoot me a message and we can talk if you’d like to use it in your own map!

Asset Close Ups! Neon!? Free Curbs!? (Click)

Figured I should show in more detail some of my assets, and also release a super small simple sample.


Backlit Letter Signs! Modelled in Blender super quickly, imported, and functional. I find lights and signs really give life to scenes and are a quick and easy addition.
On the other side, also fell in love with just simple backlit textured light box signs. This was from a much older map I was working on! :slight_smile:

Also have an older example for some neon, just a quick screen cap from a fast compile. Features two skins for on and off states. I don’t remember what it says. Probably “Hire Me!” or something. Just a proof of concept lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Next are my favorites, shown in my Gas Station map further up.

Gas Nozzle/Spout! I really love this and how the tinting worked out on it! Also hoping to add skins for different octanes, a little overkill probably but it has been fun to play with :slight_smile:


Gas Pump, for the nozzle to sit in. Not quite as happy with it, the metal texturing turned out a little more flat than I was initially hoping for. The back lit faces though for it turned out okay, and I hope to add skins as well.

**Finally, some free curbs. **

I wasn’t quite happy with the curbs from Alyx, and wanted something a little more modern I could tint red or yellow. So I made these. Its a small asset, but I find it can really change a scene. I also have some other curbs which like, tilt down for wheel chair access or areas where the road may pass over a sidewalk. I haven’t imported them to S2 yet, but plan to if they would be useful to people. If you use them, please let me know so that I know I am on the right track, and if you don’t mind shouting me out in your project somewhere, it would be incredibly appreciated.
Curbs - Google Drive

I hope that my work is enjoyable to the SB community! :slight_smile: I love mapping, modelling, and coding so if anyone has any projects I could join in on, I would love to discuss! Also would appreciate criticism and suggestions so I can get better at this all!

I would also love to work on model assets or buildings for anyone, like, for free, so if there is something you need, msg me! I have way too much spare time recently. Ideally I’d like to find a s&box community project to join, though.

I have been considering making small asset packs as well, so if you have a theme, some items, or something you’re looking for feel free to drop a message or a reply.

Feel free to shoot me a message on discord or via email to talk about projects, s&box, or if you need any help at all with Source 2. I’m no expert but love to help out.
Atherial#2210 ||

–Will use this thread for future work as well hopefully, also apologies for the mix of mapping and modelling. The assets here are all really used for mapping, so I figured it fit in this category a bit better. Sorry for the scattered post! Sorry for the clickbait section titles lol


I have a couple mapping projects that I’m working on that you may be interested in joining. Just sent a discord request.

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Thanks so much for the reply! Would love to hear about them. Sent you a message on Discord. :slight_smile:

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Awesome work :open_mouth:

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Thanks so much! ^^ :relaxed:

Furniture in general. Not sure what kind of stuff Facepunch has already packed into the game themselves, but anything that would fit into a house would be nice.

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Hey sure ! Good call. If there is something in specific or a certain style feel free to PM me. A furniture asset pack is a great idea though in general. Will probably start on something tonight.

– Also just started Helluva today by chance lol.