Introduction to 3D modeling/porting/etc?

Anyone know how or where to start? I’ve been rather interested since looking at the work of others on the forum and I would like to get started myself now that I’m getting more into the artistic aspect of GMod.

If you’re a student, pick up a free copy of 3DS Max from Autodesk.

Start with some Youtube tutorials and you’ll start to teach yourself once you get the basics.

Alright. But maybe tomorrow. I am tired as fack… >__<

What would be some alternatives to 3DS Max?

Autodesk Maya, Blender

I’d recommend 3ds max

Tis quite expensive though… :frowning:

I just downloaded blender as I’ve heard it is pretty good for freeware. Is there anything I"m missing by using blender and not 3DS Max???

You can get a student license for 3DSMax but I guess blender is OK

Blender is perfectly fine, but I’ve found Max is easier for making facial flexes. It’s still perfectly doable in both, but Max’s Soft selection tool helps a ton.

I was going to recommend you a manual about 3ds max that´s very easy to understand but, the problem is that is in spanish and dunno which language you speak or from which country you are.

Get a free copy of 3ds max (i recommend the 2012 version ATM, cause it have all the plugins necessary for porting to the Source Engine) and look for tutorials in the internet.

If you have any problem or you have some doubt about something, you can ask at CGsociety, Facepunch, Maxforums or even in the Autodesk forums, they´re quiet active and they can answer you ASAP.

you can get a student version

Hmm… I’ll take a look at it again then. Am I out of luck if I’m currently not a student then?

I speak english… so no spanish for me… :frowning:

You don’t actually have to be a student to dl it. Atleast, I didnt have to at the time

you just need a .edu email i think

Oh, when I did it literally no actual info was required

I have a question to add onto this topic. Does anyone have any good/recomended tutorials to use for 3ds max / for exporting + hexing the models into gmod? Im trying to make bottles and other everyday objects for my darkrp sweps and so on.