Introduction To: The Bolt Action Rifle

Little introduction to the bolt action rifle, how to get it and how it works.


cool. haven’t seen this item, nice to see it in action.

Can’t wait to find one ! 1 shot to the head and dead, nice !

Apparently you haven’t hit a headshot with the M4 yet. That is 1shot kill as well and a whole lot easier to shoot at medium range.

I used one to defend my base the other night against three raiders from a tower I built into my base. Worked like a charm… but you need to be good at getting head shots consistently. Otherwise, probably better to stick with the M4.

Wow one shot in the head with kelvar dam bolt action you scary

Ya i prefered the M4 as well, but this was not bad.

You prefer to kill black zombies with a shotgun? takes 2 close range shots… as opposed to one shot with an m4 to the brain, plus the m4 is more useful vs bandits.

Shotgun to the head will kill black zombies in one shot. It’s pretty easy considering they move so slowly.

1 shot to the head with the m4 is not enough to kill full kev armor wearer.

Me and my friend just raided a shelter with 2 guys, killed them and boom, a bolt action rifle in a server that just started yesterday.