Introduction To: The Small Stash

Fairly old item but in my opinion is highly under used by a lot of people despite its uses. Hope this helps out some new players from losing everything when getting raided :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice tip, mate. Thanks.

Off the subject, can you please tell me what game is that on the lower left corner at the end of the video? Can’t click on it for some reason.

Thank you.

Thank you :slight_smile:

So the game on the lower left is Smite. a 3rd person Moba. Feels like an MMO however, a lot of fun. You can find out more about it here:

As for why it can’t be clicked is because its a to my twitch account and as of right now YouTube makes it difficult to link to external websites. I am working on a work around as of right now but it does take some time.

But ya check out Smite, a really good game and I shoutcast for it as well as stream it a lot.

Ah, okay. Thanks for the explanation. Yea it looks kinda cool. I guess I’ll check it out after work.

Have a good one!

Smite = league of legens clone which is a dota clone from wc3
So a clone of a clone

It is similiar yes, but incredibly different. Ive played all 3 and Smite is has its own feel to it which is fantastic. I don’t enjoy LoL or Dota, but I love Smite

the best way is putting a small stash in a sleeping bag, there’s a little gap where your stash is invisible but yyou can still use it

You can also put them in places where pillers will be, and then place the piller.

Thats a great trick!

how do u reach them iif theres a pillar on top of it? anyway, good tips OP!

I didn’t get to watch the video because my youtube seems to be broken at work but heres some tricks I like. If you are by trees, certain trees have trunks that allow you to place stashes inside the tree. Putting a stash on the end of 2 large storage crates make it nearly invisible unless they jump up on top of the create. Yes, inside sleeping bags is another good trick. You can also place crates ontop of stashes that you can destroy later to re-access the stashes. My only wish is that stashes didn’t degrade so fast on vanilla. :dance:

i use the bed, you can put it down before the bed. You can fit a couple under the bed and still access them, but not see them. So unless you know they are there and which pixel to look at on the bed it wont be found. unless they destroy the bed. Another common one is placing them in the center of campfires, you can still see it a little but not that easy on a quick glance. One more thing i do with them is stack a few up just a hair offset from each other. I had a guy try to find all my stashes, he only counted the stack of 3 as one

I like the idea with the “empty” 1x1 houses. Once I have used them in a room with a height of 2 level. There was a 1x1x1 stairway where I placed a large wood storage on the edge on top of it. On the most outer edge of this wood storage I have placed some small stashes. Finally I destroyed the wood storage. When you now enter the room you can only see the small stashes when you look up AND jump. Good look with finding them :wink:
In the screenshot I am standing on the stairway where nothing else is besides the small stashes.

Thats a good idea, never thought of that

The 1x1 is a good idea. Another thing I do now with the update is make a 1x1 or a single room in your base with nothing but a repair bench. You can place your 5 c4 in the repair bench. Most raiders won’t blow into a room if they only see a repair bench .

I guess eventually they will fix the drawrange tho…at least thats what I hope.

Ya i assume they will be patching that eventually. This game is not going to be anything like it is now when it launches.

I use them that way since…ee when they have been released