Hey all, just wanted to check in and introduce myself. Obviously you see my username, and I am a 27 year old gamer in San Diego, CA.

I noticed this game through Pulse News, and I am looking forward to eventually playing this with everyone.

No I am not looking for a Beta Key, just wanted to get my name out to the community and say hi to everyone.

(User was banned for this post ("don't make introduction threads" - postal))

This is surreal, proper english, a new thread, not asking for a beta key.

It’s all a conspiracy. [sp] RUN [/sp]
Welcome to Facepunch, Omega. I hope you enjoy your stay.


Welcome, Omega. You’re the first new users I’ve seen that’s bothered to type out proper sentences, introduce yourself, and not ask for anything upon joining. You get a gold star.

lol, thank you all. My age, of which I turned today, does give me a bit of maturity and experience when dealing with forums such as these.

I have found in my experience, that it is better to be active and helpful, which will earn the respect of the fellow games / forum users, than it is to beg whine, and be a general pain in the a.

I appreciate all the welcomes and thanks thus far, and I will talk with you all later.


Just found out about this game through and wanted to get involved. Will probably just stalk through the forums until more spots open up for play.

Noticing a lot of talk about begging for beta key which is new to me. Not a lot of pc gaming going on here so I’m just not in the know. How do you ask for something that isn’t available? I’ll just wait my turn like a newb.

Hello, I found out about the game via an article on Kotaku, really caught my attention since it was describe as a minecraft/stalker/dayZ type of game. Really looking forward to trying the game when its for sale or perhaps open beta.