Looks pretty cool.

Also whats up with your avatar?

What’s not up with my avatar?


actually that doesn’t make sense

Duh! I obviously meant what are those letters above your avatar!
Oh its your name, sorry I did not notice. :downs:

Awesome. I put my bets on the Intruder being the one with a knife.

He’s always got “those kind” of avatars…
I like the feel of the picture. Blood just looks brushed on but it is a good color.

I was expecting a TF2 themed pic focusing on the Spy, oh well. Good posing and depth of blur man.

This is pretty sick man.


Don’t you mean ‘Depth of field?’

Oh yeah :doh:

I like it. Good use of desaturation.

The image broke somehow :o


The only thing I don’t like is how his right hand is for some reason.

All’s good though.

Yes I think it sticks out alot