Intrusion [Short Action Film]

This one was just a little side project of mine. Although I didn’t have a main focus on plot, I did a lot of playing around with camera angles and ragdoll posing. The final product is a fun experiment with certain techniques. Although, the interesting thing with this is that it was made completely by myself. This means that I was an actor for it as well. No one helped create the movie, it was done entirely in singleplayer. Now this might be confusing for some of the scenes where there are like five people in one camera shot, but you can probably figure out what I did :slight_smile: I think that with minor UI issues and misc. issues aside, it turned out pretty well


You’re very good at this shit, but maybe it’s time to do something with a more in-depth story?

You shot a poor, unarmed woman in the bathroom! You monster.

cough Miami Vice cough

Yes, that was incredible.

You got some good camera angels :smiley:

Some parts where just ridiculous, like the bullet effect and the acrobatics.
Didnt like it, i found it tacky.

I didn’t say it was realistic :slight_smile:

Undone weld. :v:

Pretty good, apart from that little mistake.

The camera angles were very good and unlike other videos I could actually understand what the character was supposed to be doing. Also you could just let Alyx live it would add to the main character’s personality.

Okay. Lol, it was meant to be that he was just a bit too trigger happy, but I’m very glad that I conveyed my thoughts onto the big screen successfully.