Inuyasha models for G-Mod

Hey there.
I’ve already asked this question once before but some assholes decided my failed grammar was more important than my question.

Can someone tell me straight this time? Is it possible to get in some Inuyasha models to G-mod?
I already had someone comment and say they could convert these models shown in the link below into a .obj format so someone can port them.

I honestly don’t know how to do any of that stuff myself so sorry i have to ask others if they would do it for me, but that doesn’t mean im telling you to do it.
Thanks for reading.
Please don’t shit in my comment box. peace


sorry. looks like the pictures on that link failed. >>

Here are some others. o3o

no other Inuyasha or sesshomaru though… what gives with that… >>

_Edit Again

Thank you very much for taking the time to help me out! ^-^ Works perfectly and look great!

I’m glad to see you decided to drop the tilde.

Which of these do you want? There’s an awful lot of them on that page.

I’ll be happy to help you.

Ouh!, i fell some anime haters posts soon. Also, i would like see this released, whit this anime, i grow when i was a kid, now i only see…Dragon Ball Z, but in channel surfing. I would like see Naruto Shipoudden, but i get stuck in the episode when Naruto meets a grandma, that use puppets, and my brother tell me it was the episode 20-25!?, and now it´s on 200 o.O, it looks i will do all the history for NUNS 2, and start watching from there

Thank god.

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You on the other hand need to learn english.

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Also, if by anime hater, you meant me, i dont hate it, not at all, i was saying that people just really dont like anime like this, so it would be unlikely to be done.

I’ll convert more if someone can get the ones I got so far into gmod. Is that okay?

Just the main ones on that first link if there still working. ^^’
Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara.

if thats to many then i can deal without shippo and kirara. XD

Fast question.
can you port the models? Because i already have “ShowMeYaMoves” converting the models into the correct files but they need someone that can put them into G-Mod. o3o

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that would be awesome!
I only had those up there since the pictures failed on the first link so i wasn’t sure if it was still working but come to think of it that might just be my computer. >>

ok so we just need someone able to put them into G-mod and then its all good?
sweet. Ill see if i can round up anyone. XD

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I think those anime characters would be awesome to have around. :smiley:
I do recall seeing some naruto things in the downloads but perhaps you should start your own request post for some of the others and see what happens. ^^

Don’t be discouraged by that anime hating guy hes just lonely. XD

They don’t really have to be converted to anything. They’re in MDX format, so they can just be directly imported into 3dsmax and exported as SMDs with very little work at all.

Edit: Does that giant white stole have to be included with Sesshomaru?

Please stop using text smileys.

We have smileys for a reason.

That’s weird, I’ve never seen any smilies to add to my messages.


I apologise to ShowMeYaMoves, if you had your heart set on doing these. I got a good start on them and managed to finish the whole lot.

All of the characters you asked for are included (I think), along with weapons for each one. There’s also a big version of the little dog guy for riding. They’re all very flexible and easy to pose and their little fingers are even (somewhat) moveable!

Have fun!

I never said I would get them in gmod, only to convert the wc3 models into another format but I guess it didn’t matter anyways. I figured that not many had 3DSmax so yeah. Good job anyways, I’m just glad you did his request when everyone was acting like huge assholes to him for stupid reasons. How long did it take you to do these?

just what ive alwAYS WANTED!

And so the perverted monk Miroku was dissapointed to find out that Kagome’s ass was missing as he attempted to grope it.

What? That’s basically how he acts in the show.

But anyways what did happen to it? Did it not show up in the programs or whatever? Other than that the models are great and easy to move around.

well thats cool. o3o
im trying my best not to sound like i have no idea how these things are done but obviously im a noob. XD

yea usually the big fluffy thing is pretty much attached to sesshomaru. XD

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THANK YOU!~ these look amazing! :smiley:
and the addition of the weapons is super awesome!

cant thank you enough! XD

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awesome XD

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Dude… wtf ;:
whats wrong with text smiles?
ok i can understand you complaining about my bad English but text faces are just one of the ways we express ourselves and let people know we aren’t typing with the emotion of a robot.

BTW… i dont know how to use the emoticons in this forum. >>
fuck. It took me long enough to figure out how to use em on deviantart, im not even going to bother trying when this is probably going to be the only post ill ever make on this site.
Here, incase you change your mind.

Whats wrong with them? You use the text smileys after every sentence you make. It’s annoying.

Fucking Tilde

Nevermind the text smileys, which people frown upon here.

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And this.

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The problem with text smilies, is that they’re retarded, and god awful to use on a forum with ACTUAL smilies.

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And theres a hell of a lot more on the forums.

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Hell, theres a thread devoted to lost smilies/smilies not used much.

I know, the English it´s not my language, i´m sorry if i don´t talk at all good. Also i wasn´t telling that you are a anime hater, i only said that because a lot of people here in FP hates anime, i have seen many Anime Models Request, and it ends with anime haters flaming posts