Invader zim Tak and mimi ragdoll request

Can someone make a ragdoll out of these characters


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Are you like 10 years old? Seriously noones gonna waste their time making these.

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - grea$emonkey))

That’s what they said about sexy llamar…


Well Sexy llamar was hot and creepy at the same time, this is just outragous. Plus he rated us dumb because he’s butthurt that noone will make his oh so joyful models, atleast Gustave was better than this… except the face, that was creepy like it got scraped on the sidewalk, in b4 ban. :ninja:

is just a request

what the- whats up with people now!?

sonic, zelda, invader zim… is this some weak attempt to try to live childhood again?

i’m telling ya no stupid comments