[InvaisonServers] - Free GMod Server For Beta Testing

We are InvasionServers and we are mainly a MineCraft host, but we are expanding our game range to the source game server.

I like to invite anyone to grab a free a server limited to the time we are in beta with the source games though.

It is controlled by GameCP, and you have the normal access restrictions, you CAN edit configs, you get FTP, you can update/restart/stop/start your server at any time through the control panel.

I hope you can help us with this testing!

Here is the link to get the free server: http://invasionservers.com/billing/signup.php?clienttype=7&package=24

Oh just a little warning, the control panel is slow because the database is being hosted remotely on one of our other servers, when it goes into production the control panel will be on the local host of the database.

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But looks like a good offer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your terms and conditions 404.

We know they are currently being re-written

Closing the beta testing till we find a better control panel.

Well your shit didnt work, if i get spam mails the next 24 hours, your fucked.

Read my last post… learn to read for god sake!

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We will be bringing out a new beta with TCAdmin once we get our current MineCraft orders sorted.


What’s your box uplink speed? I wouldn’t recommend hosting GMod servers unless you have a 1gbit or 10gbit uplink.