Invalid Ban, possible?


I want to know if is possible the “Adm” from a server BAN someone for a invalid reason.

For example: Just because I have a better internet than others players or live in other country, so my ping/latency it’s better.

And if this happen, the Facepunch can do something? becaus this is not a valid reason to ban.


An admin on the server can ban you for whatever reason they want. This only applies to that specific server and is different from a VAC ban, which bans you from all (most?) servers. If you feel admins are abusive with their powers, play on another server.

If an admin is the server owner, or someone appointed by the owner on a private server, then they can ban you for any reason that they want. You have no recourse in that situation. You can try finding a server with fair admins( and I mean, playing by their rules if they have informed you of that), or playing on the official servers.

Why were you banned?