Invalid Map Name

Ok.So i started my Gmod server for the first time. I downloaded Rp Downtown v3 and put the bsp file in Graphs
This is what the log said to it
CModelLoader:Map_IsValid :No such map `Maps/rp_downtown_v3.bsp
rp_downtown_v3.bsp not found or invalid
Please help?
What have i done wrong if i have?

Guys,Please help.I really want to get my RP Server running. :frowning:

theres your problem right there.

bsp files do not belong in the graphs folder, it belongs in the Maps folder.

The file has to go into the maps.
If you are running this SRCDS make sure to put +map map_name
Do not put directory or .bsp

Oh,How stupid of me.:slight_smile: Thanks