Invalid Packet and Entities out of order bug?


Is there a workaround to the Invalid packet or Entities out of order bugs? I get them after 5 minutes of gameplay no matter what server I am on.

Thanks in advance,

Also getting this error, I have no idea how to fix it. I guess it has to do with the fix they added for the missing walls.

“To detect and prevent this we now send a hash along with entity snapshots. If the hash doesn’t match we throw an error and kick the client. This doesn’t fix the problem – it just means that people are kicked instead of missing walls.”


Please fix this bug ASAP, i have BIG problems to play on several servers, that i can’t log in to because of that…
This software bug is really annoying.

/ Thanks in Advance!

Also get this problem. Especially when in inventory more than 15 items

I experienced this last night while building a base in the water of a lake. Placed my foundations under water and everytime I would get too close to the foundation while trying to put a wall up I would get this error and be kicked. I managed to get the base down after being kicked about 4 times.

From what i gather they “might” be rolling out a patch this friday to fix the conectivity issues

Folks on the server I play on and I have noticed that having a lot of items in your inventory can make it worse. I’ve had a full inventory and started getting disconnects immediately after reclogging to the point I had to suicide just to stay on the server. Now, when I go barreling, I make sure to drop any crap I know I won’t want rather than sort it later.

IM just getting this again, and if I suicide, I will lose 1k of gun powder, now I will have to wait, and ask a friend to connect on my account on another PC. Its look like is a pc related issue.

EDIT: Yes he was able to wake up, and move the char a little then disco. Thats a lot more than what I could do, but still a bug on he’s pc.

The main problem i see with the connection issues atm is the lack of communication…

Is it so hard for a Dev to keep us updated on the problem and when a possible fix may roll out??

Couldnt agree more.
Its a total gamebreaker for me at the moment. I login, connect to server, and as soon as I press any key to wake, I’m insta-kicked with an “Invalid Packet” error.

Tried everything, checking router settings to ensure uPNP is functioning correctly. Tried on multiple internet connections. Have fully uninstalled and re-installed Rust. Verified local data. Nothing cures it.
My friend has the same issue also.

I like the way they moved the patches and devblog to a thursday so if any bugs/issues it gives them time to fix before the weekend. Well, this has been here since last thursday and still here, no fix for it, no mention. It should of been top priority last thursday for them to fix this instead of just letting it drag on, and who even says that the issue will be resolved come this evening when its patch.

Ive tried many things ingame to help sort it and i know many people who have the same issues, bare inventory, no clothes, ive re-installed the game, no help. What i have found out tho. You cant go near rad town = kick, go in the water = kick, get cold = kick, get attacked by a wolf = kick and wake up dead, switch between items = kick, get in gunfight = kick and wake up dead. And im not just on about 1-2 kicks, this is a chain of 40+ (when rads or in water) and it gets a bit tiring. Game breaker and ive given up playing it for now.

It has been top priority. It’s fixed on dev branch.

Thnx Garry. Worst error last 2 weeks. Finnaly fixed. Now lets roll :wink: