invalid sesion when i load

So when I load I get this message right away, I don’t sign in or anything. when using the desktop ie I get:

Im logged out on my desktop computer, running windows 8. The game/site work fine on the desktop, I only get the error on my laptop. The laptop is running windows 8 to but its a touch screen (Lenovo twist), the web site will load when I use the metro version of internet explorer but will not load the unity player after I log in and select a server. In the metro version of ie I get:

Don’t use I.E. with Rust.

And don’t think I’m saying this out of preference. Every time someone has used Internet Explorer to test Rust, the site is either broken or says that they’re banned.

I don’t know why I didn’t think I that. I use chrome on my desktop so that is probably it. Ill test tomorrow and post result after.

You shouldn’t really use IE with anything. Really unstable :S

When I first got my touch screen laptop I used the metro ie a bunch because I could use the screen to do stuff, like go back by swiping screen. Never had problems till now so I never installed new browser. Will be getting new one just to play rust tomorrow though.