Invalid Steam key size

Well, I got a vanilla GMod server running through command line and when I go to connect to it…

Gmod Console:
] connect
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated No, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL
Connecting to…
Invalid Steam key size.

What’s up with that? I have the computer that’s hosting the server DMZ’d which is supposed to open all ports? So yeah, help please. If there is anything else ya’ll need just ask.

I’m not sure what causes this, but usually deleting the bin folder inside orangebox and re-updating fixes it for me.

Tried it, didn’t work.

Restarted your client?

Multiple times.


Still doesn’t work.

Can anyone help?

I’m getting an error just like this right now…It’s frustrating…

Do this.

(Or update garrysmod however you do)

It says access denied for me.
EDIT:Fixed,I had to turn off steam to delete them(or it might have been the server).

I fixed this, had to -verifyall with the HLSUpdate tool for garrysmod.