invalid steam key.

Hay guys

Last night i deleted my gmod dedi server (was having issues), and re-installed it. I came back this morning, it was done, ran the update tool to make sure it was all updated, copied the cfg, data and addons folder from the old server and then put the server up, tried to join and i can’t connect, the console just says “Invalid steam key”. I’ve seen a fair bit about this on forums, but the posts are over 3 months old. Anyone know whats going on?

I think that last time I heard of “Invalid steam key” was when my friend was trying to connect to a vac-server with a cough copy of HL2DM. Naturally, I told him to go and buy the game.

try reinstall your game. and btw isnt it Invalid steam key size?

yeah sorry, invalid steam key size, just forgot the word size… XD i’ts 9am and a saturday… not time for me to be awake. And btw, for the sake of it, All my steam products are legal :smiley:

its cool ^^, ill be watching this thread till you fixed the problem.

Try logging out and giving out your username and password to everyone!..I mean…logging back in again.

Wait a minute… I thought you didn’t have any friends.



i guess he means re log into steam

i tried logging in, out etc etc. deleted .blob files, reinstalled steam etc etc etc. apparently this issue is happening alot because of the recent updates on steam… is there any fix? D:


i just tried some other servers, i can join them, so it’s not my game, but my dedi as i suspected. Sowutnao? D:

maybe the new gmod update then

if its the new gmod update, why can i connect to other servers (or could it be because my dedi is fully updated?)

give me a sec ill try update my dedi


it acctualy reminds me of my old dedi, i reinstalled it and it worked fine agian.


my dedi works fine, so try reinstall your dedicated server, and see if it works.

but its just been reinstalled :\

Don’t just reinstall in Steam, go to the folder with the dedicated server files and delete that folder. THEN you reinstall in Steam. Takes longer but works…

Ignore what I just said if you’re already doing that.

i’m not using the dedicated server via steam, i’m running it on a seperate computer using srcds, followed off the guide off gmod wiki (

then delete the folder where orangebox is in and then reinstall the server.

thanks gorg! that fixed it!