InvalidateLayout questions

On the wiki it says that Panel:InvalidateLayout(true) calls the PerformLayout hook immediately. So when does it get called if it’s false?
Also, why use InvalidateLayout and not PerformLayout / ApplySchemeSettings directly?

Bump. I’d really appreciate a answer!
Checked the wiki and gmod’s code but couldn’t find anything. :saddowns:

PANEL.InvalidateLayout - is an internal function.
PANEL.PerformLayout - is a derma function (use to be used for skins)

If you want to layout a panel I would override PerformLayout and call that instead of touching internal functions.

I wasn’t talking about overwriting, but calling. I saw most scripts call InvalidateLayout and was wondering what I should do and why.

Well what do you need this for?

Nothing in particular, wanna know what InvalidateLayout does so I know when I should use it.