Invalids Serious RP| Jobs | Drugz | 24/7 EN

Server IP:
20 Slot Server!

Looking for an awesome non clan related RP server?

Well then Invalids Serious RP server is for you!

We have:
Custom Jobs
Drug Mod
CS Real Weapons
PC Mod 2

We are looking for players who play by the rules and don’t cause trouble or be a total nuisance to the server! If your gonna come on and just be a noob then please just click the Back button NOW!

We run Evolve Admin Mod, I think its better then ASS mod and ULX(My opinion)!

Server IP:
Server Name: Invalids Awesome RP|PHX|Custom Jobs|24/7[EN]
Map: rpw_Downtown_v3
Slots: 20 player slot
Prop limit: 35
Admin mod: Evolve
Game Mode: DarkRP(SVN)

I am always looking for more idea on what people like and dislike if people like the thing i will try my best to put it on the server.
I’m probably one of the nicest guys you meet also with my awesome admins!

Gun Dealer
Mob Boss
Black Market Dealer
PC Tech
Drug Dealer
(And I am always looking for more jobs to add if you have ideas!)

Also is
A good map check it out here!

Horrible jobs.
They almost encourages you to RDM.

so tell me what to add to make it non-RDM like

Your shitty DarkDM server is NOT serious.


I have taken the time to identify problems for you., hum hum

Sorry, I thought this was an RP server.

Do I say more?

Really, 50 props per player? 50x20, you do the math. On a script like DarkRP there is no way possible to run this, I have a high powered dedi that can’t even do so without lag

Oh lord.

Also may I add, the website’s background music is appalling, I think it genuinely broke my ears.

This is literally
Invalid Serious RP

ok, awesome guys thanks for telling me what i should change more then yelling at me for what i thought people like!

and the people who have joined like the server as I said in the text above…“If you don’t like it click the back button NOW!”

So that’s why its empty all the time


lol, bc its new i just opened the server as i posted this i bought it 1 day before i posted this so its new and no lagg and i really would like you guys to help me decide on what jobs should go on not just saying how much it sucks, it wont suck if u guys top being jackasses…

Take serious out of the name, get rid of every job except for cop, mayor, and citizen, get rid of drugs mod, get a new map, stop selling admin, stop using .webs, would you like more?

ok so i changed the name to Invalids Awesome RP|PHX|Drugs|Custom Jobs|[EN]24/7

got rid of the Swat sniper/chief and the soldiers…
change prop limit to 35
took out Wire
Bought a website designing it now!
and tried to make my redirect site go but when i add it to the cfg file it makes the server run in base mode!

also i might be changing the map to…

check it here!

You have to delete more jobs than that.

ok so what jobs should i get rid of and what jobs should i put on?

Keep hobo, i find hobo to be the funnest part of DarkRP at times.

Delete all but citizen and cp.

well if i delete all but cp and citizen there’s no rp to it!

… You can use /job as citizen and roleplay anything.