Invasion Earth

wonderful vibrant coloration, the atmosphere reminds me of the last of us or crysis 2

Those birds up there are pretty synchronized.

[sp]They look duped[/sp]

mmmm those colors but ewww that contrast

don’t diss their choreography yo

what happened to the blur

Looks very neat, what kind of map is that?

My eyes hurt after looking at this for too long. They couldn’t handle the contrast + colours.

I recognise some of the foliage :wink:

But I do have to agree that some of the contrast, or exposition just seems to be a bit too over the top. The second option is that it’s covering up jpeg artefacts or something, but some better use of SDOF might have helped.

Cool picture, but agree’d with the contrast and the birds. Oh, and the dude’s foot on the car is floating, and a lot of the plants don’t have shading.

at english flatgrass_night

Scenebuild is more convincing than most to be honest. I can believe it to be a legitimate city I suppose.

Contrast is so high it’s a little painful to look at for very long. The only reason why I would even bother admiring the image at that point would be to look at the models. In fact, I don’t know what the fuck you’ve done with the editing because it looks far too harsh in most areas.

Sloppy work on the birds in the sky (like really?).