Criticism please.

Looks really good, nice job man.

It’s not an invasion if you outnumber the enemy 4 to 1, unless…

Those poor Orcs don’t stand a chance defending their homes!

A bit misleading title, posing and scenery is excellent tho.
My only complaints is the wierd lighting you got going on and that awful blood splatter.

Bit lacklustre for an invasion

what if the knight guys are the evil invaders

Those knight dudes are so baby faced, they need some burly facial hair.

not bad. it needs a larger attack force though, looks more like a house raid.

im also having some difficulty figuring out who’s battling who, especially with those dudes seemingly waiting in line for their turns to hack n slash

I guess I fucked this one up pretty bad.

I wouldn’t say that. It’s just that you generally put out some amazing work (I’d say you’re among the best in the section with scenebuilds), so other regulars of the section will generally criticize your work more.

Really? Man, that is delightful to hear, I hadn’t figured I’d rank that high up to others around. That’s a real day maker that, thanks!

It’s really good in all the ways except one. The angle from which you took the picture somehow screws it all up. It’s stuff happening all over the left and right of the picture while right in the middle of it is an empty. If you changed the angle of the whole thing, you might even fix Joaz’s point about the empty space. I would try to capture that 2 guys at the porch in the top right though.

Well I’ve still got the save so I can retake it.

I hope I wont get any hate for this, but where are those uruk and Knight models from? Never have seen them before

Unfortunately they’re WIP, which means the general public won’t see it for a bit.

I don’t particularly like how the ax is positioned with the knight on the far left’s left arm should be further apart and further down the haft its almost as if he should have had a sword.