Because Castro told me to create a thread



I really like the camera angle. It’s just a shame that the reaper in the background the husk in the foreground are so similar in hue and value that everything kinda merges into each other.


I wanted to include a ruined street with burning cars or something, but I feared that would take away the focus on the husk so I ditched that.

What’s the awesome model?


The Reaper model isn’t finished.

That’s a nice piece of work.

Holy fuck Reapers

Instant nerdgasm.

Ah yes,** “Reapers”**

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We have dismissed that claim.

Very nice. I really like it!

This is really well done!

Do enjoy.

Every time I see the word “reapers”, I say it in Bolo’s voice. :downs:

Thanks guys :smiley:

I attached the original on the OP now

Just a shame the reaper isn’t goldish or something :frowning:

de reeeeepuuuhs